Ipad Video Lesson

As an IPad developer, I am always scouting new and popular information to provide to my clients.  With that being said, I do have a somewhat critical eye for information relating to Apple products. There is such a wealth of information available that sometimes it is hard to wade through what is bad to find the good.

Even though there is so much available information, there seems to be little information available for learning how to use the IPad – one of my personal favorites. It seems like much of the easily available information online is targeted towards those who already have a working knowledge of the device, and the tutorials often don’t show how to get the basic functions down properly.

One of my colleagues mentioned tablettraining.net, and I took a look expecting it to be just another average site with average tutorials. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! I absolutely love the simplicity of the videos they show. Their idea to place the IPad directly in front of the camera as if the user was sitting above it is genius – it makes the learning process far more intuitive than simply watching screenshots. Users can actually watch for finger placement on the screen, which is helpful when you aren’t sure exactly where to find that elusive icon on a screen full of them.  The videos even identify the correct swipe motion to use, which is helpful for those who have only used non-touch devices.

There is an impressive array of videos available, and the cost is extremely reasonable for such well designed videos. It is possible to start from pretty much any level of knowledge related to the IPad, and work your way up to an advanced level. Even I found myself remembering forgotten features – it turned out to be an excellent refresher course even for someone like myself, who spends each and every day designing for IPad. As an expert with these devices, I can absolutely say these videos are the best choice you can make regardless of your skill level.

I now recommend that each and every client take the time to grab these videos. Whether they have never used a touch device or IPad before, or they use one every day, these videos are an amazing collection to have at your fingertips. There’s absolutely no downside to these videos, and they are far, far more clear and easy to follow than even some of the manufacturer provided information. As a developer who knows these devices inside and out, I give tablettraining.net the seal of approval.