RevLocal - You're in the right place

RevLocal is passionate about helping small businesses achieve a marketing advantage in the new world of Internet marketing.  The printed yellow pages are a thing of the past yet many small businesses have not established a new method of getting themselves in front of prospects.

RevLocal develops relationships with businesses to act as their Internet Marketing Department.  With 18 years of Internet experience, and a large team of Marketing Agents who encompass a wide range of specialties, RevLocal is committed to providing solutions that work for each of our clients.

RevLocal clients are small business owners who will have a team that will constantly adapt strategies to benefit from the changes that happen almost daily.  No business owner can be expected to keep up with all of this on their own.  Now they don't have to.

Our methods of local search marketing start with direct claiming and optimizing business profiles on Google Plus Local, Bing Local, Yelp, and many, many other directories.  We also syndicate the listing data to reach hundreds of directories with updated and consistent listing data with constant push and immediate updates to changes in your data.

Services also include a granular, local approach to PPC campaigns, with full data analytics, landing pages and conversion rate optimization.  Full WordPress website development with local SEO and mobile as a focus.  Social Media Management, Content creation, and graphic design done in a way that local search prominence is a constant frame of reference.