The New 8 GB IPhone 4 Will Be Published With The IPhone 4S

Apple recently announced plans for the coming months, expect the delight of the audience. As had been expected to notice the release of the next generation iPhone, iPhone, 4S, and also to launch a new smaller capacity of the iPhone 4 Here's a brief look at what is coming from Apple in the coming months.

As a way to introduce a younger generation of the Apple iPhone array traditionally expensive releases a new version of 8 GB iPhone 4 Featuring the same specifications as the original combined model will be available in both finished black and white. Previously, this model was only available in sizes 16 GB or 32 GB, which inevitably kept the price high enough, so expect to see this new model a smaller debut price friendly portfolio. The fact that Apple has not changed in the body of the iPhone means that the old model 4S looks exactly the same thing, which will add further appeal to the new iPhone 4 8GB. The young generation of consumers do not want to be seen with the fashion seasons so they can get their hands on this new model and look like they use the model as premium-4S. All the features we liked on the larger capacity models are available.

Retina screen high quality still stands head and shoulders above the competition, while the function FaceTime offers excellent cheap video calls to friends and family. Another aspect of this model, which will appeal to younger audiences is the iPod software, which allows the phone to be used as a portable audio player of high quality.

The new release of the iPhone 4 8GB has been understandably overshadowed by the details of the new 4S iPhone. Release date is October 15th of this new model introduces a 64GB model huge capacity for the first time. This huge amount of storage will allow the phone to keep a lot of material, including up to 40,000 songs. This capability is even more important given that the model now has video capture as well as a 1080 8,000,000 pixels digital camera. These two new features require more space than previous versions that were on previous models. Fans of white models are also pleased that the phone will be available in the finish of the iPhone launch in contrast to the original four who saw a white version released a year after the black color model.

Apple seems to have all bases covered with their latest versions. The new 8GB iPhone will be 4 more accessible to a wider audience, while the new higher capacity iPhone 4S will give the true multimedia smartphone fans the highest specification on the market.