Forget Papers, Now Writing Online Feels More Enjoyable

For me, writing has been one of my compassion. I like it when pouring ideas, stories, my dreams, or just a light chit-chat that really make my day. But unlike in old times, when I use paper or people called it diary, now I would rather use an online diary. Some of you maybe already are familiar with this term, it is called blog now. Since having my own online blog, that means I need to provide my own personal domain names and off course a reliable web hosting.

There are numerous of webhosting we can find on market, to make it easier to choose I use a web hosting directory like to help me out choosing which webhosting will suit with my need. Besides I need a website hosting not only for my personal blog but also for some others, so I would rather choose a webhosting provider which offer an unlimited space and traffic. A web hosting services like justhost can be one good option for me, besides I have been familiar with cpanel anyway, so it wouldn’t give me any trouble operating it.

By having my own domains and my own webhosting, now my writing feels more enjoyable.