APN + WAN Monitoring = Maximum Bandwidth Optimization for MPLS

Want the most bandwidth optimization out of your MPLS? Don't simply check the WAN monitoring box, and call it done. Technology pushes the envelope further. Without Adaptive Private Networking in conjunction with WAN monitoring, your MPLS will never achieve the full bandwidth optimization that can potentially be leveraged.

It's well known that WAN monitoring can boost the bandwidth optimization of your MPLS by nearly four times the power. Add APN in addition to WAN monitoring, however, and suddenly you've got an additional 40 times the bandwidth optimization.

APN and WAN monitoring are quite comparable. One really is just a boost for the other. If you're looking for what's next in bandwidth optimization when it comes to MPLS, welcome to APN. It's the future, today, delivered in a simple package that gives you the greatest bandwidth flow possible.

Best of all, APN can be seamlessly integrated into your current WAN monitoring setup. There's no need to scrap your current MPLS to get maximum bandwidth optimization. You can just add to what you're already working with. Why scrap what already works when APN can make it work 40 times better?

Together with WAN monitoring, APN delivers to your MPLS seamless performance without the glitches, blips or outages most systems experience. You get complete, integral flow for ultimate power. APN affordably makes VoIP, extensive telephone conferencing, and integral downloads of large encrypted files without so much as a bump or skip in the road. Why stop just with WAN monitoring? Tie in APN so your MPLS gets the maximum bandwidth optimization that technology can deliver.