Newly Rich of the World

The economic crisis as it is now only does not cause the loss for some people. In the middle of the number of unfortunate businessmen, evidently quite a few that is nouveau riche. They were rich not because quite immediately was rich. But was results of the struggle that indeed they get up from beneath and could be maintained by them in fact was increased in the middle of this crisis storm.

However, there was not only the old businessman who became rich. Many of them that to nouveau riche were the person that new began efforts. Like Mark Zuckerberg that built the site social network that was successful and could be accepted in the world. Afterwards had also Claudia that developed efforts coffee bean from the foundation and at this time he was successful as nouveau riche and became the richest number two person in his country. Afterwards had Azim Prenji that was the Indian man and he is the owner of the software manufacturer's companies foremost in India. Only needed time several years, he could become nouveau riche.

They succeeded in getting the success as nouveau riche was not without efforts. But, they got success with many struggles and many sacrifices. We also could like them by continuing to have not tried and surrendered with the failure. They are not the person who was successful without failing. They were the person of the success that could rise from the failure.